ICAP is committed to promoting corporate sustainability in the manufacturing world. We aim to optimize resource utilization through innovative solutions and advanced technologies. By reducing waste and environmental impact, we seek to strike a balance between economic growth and ecological responsibility. Our vision integrates operational efficiency with environmental stewardship, contributing to building an environmentally conscious industrial future.
We are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles through awareness campaigns aimed at our employees.


Icap believes in the importance of training and enhancing the talents within its territory. This is why it is proud to be a Founding Member of the ITS Meccatronico del Lazio Foundation, an entity that helps develop skills related to the professional needs expressed by businesses to increase the competitiveness of the territory, promoting youth employment at the end of the training program.


Since 2019, Icap Group has been supporting the scientific research of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation.


The anti-smoking project by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, "No Smoking Be Happy", has been active nationwide since 2008. It involves educational activities and communication campaigns to inform and raise awareness about the harms of smoking. The Foundation also supports research on the most common smoking-related diseases, such as lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
There are at least six million good reasons to continue talking about smoking, which is the number of people worldwide who, according to the World Health Organization, die every year due to the smoking epidemic.
In Italy, there are 11 million smokers, which is equivalent to 21% of the population. Of these, 6.3 million are men and 4.6 million are women. Concerning are the statistics on smoking among young people. Each year in our country, between 73,000 and 80,000 people die from smoking-related illnesses.

“It's as if every day in Italy, a plane with 200 people on board crashes to the ground. In general indifference.”
Umberto Veronesi