Industrial sector

Our sole objective is to make the work of businesses possible, better, and easier through automation.

The daily engagement with constantly evolving and highly specialized technological sectors constantly fuels our desire to grow and explore new avenues.

This translates into the commitment to provide automation solutions to companies seeking cutting-edge solutions. Over the years, we have done this in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food, packaging, and, more generally, in high-capacity manufacturing, both with standard applications and tailor-made systems.

Turnkey Solutions for the Glass Industry

We are a global leader in automotive glass industry technologies and process solutions, leveraging over 40 years of experience in developing innovative technologies and processes.


Wheels & Tyres Assembly

Automation systems for wheel assembly and inflation to meet JUST IN TIME & JUST IN SEQUENCE needs, ensuring processes with reduced times, cycles, and consistent quality in results.



The pharmaceutical industry, due to the delicacy and complexity of its plants and the need to ensure uncompromised reliability, has always been a challenge for anyone involved in plant engineering at any level.

ICAPGROUP's pharma division offers automated robotic systems specifically designed for the pharmaceutical sector. These solutions are born from years of experience in both robotic automation and machinery and equipment sectors.

This is combined with a well-established know-how in managing complex systems through the in-house development of customized software and the use of vision systems for various purposes, from robot guidance to quality control.
We design reliable and safe solutions in compliance with GAMP and FDA regulations, even for environments subject to ATEX regulations.

Our Solutions:

  • Components Assembly
  • Handling & Moving Machines
  • Washing & Drying Equipment
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Picking, Packing & Palletizing


Plants that produce metallized or paper films face various challenges, including the handling of bulky and heavy loads with maximum safety for operators, precise positioning, and minimizing handling times.

ICAPlants has developed an internal coil handling system based on a series of handling and loading equipment that, when properly configured, facilitate movement within metallization and cutting departments.

These systems enable precise loading and unloading of coils from metallizers, ensuring minimal and repeatable machine downtime, as well as protecting the metallizer from typical impacts during traditional overhead crane loading.

Transport carts and storage and warehousing systems complete the range of opportunities, ensuring the smooth execution of movements within the department.


Our extensive experience in very diverse fields such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, or heavy load handling now allows us to address the challenges of any type of production chain with the certainty of improving its performance while fully meeting its specific needs.

Our ability to provide custom-designed systems for your business has allowed us to create palletizing solutions, both with anthropomorphic robots and gantry systems, as well as welding and assembly activities, robotic handling, and plastic material deburring.